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Thursday, March 01, 2007

28/1-2/3-2006 讀報

8:35 PM

博弈天使——黃岳永 2007-03-01, 信報財經新聞, P33, 副刊, 面對面, 鄭天儀
風塵上位法楊天命 2007-03-01, 壹週刊, A084, 財經, 一個人在商場
聰明假牙自動餵病人食藥 2007-02-28, 文匯報, A24, 國際新聞
M型社會降臨 消費兩極化 2007-02-28, 香港經濟日報, A29, 行政人員, 07商戰, 李如虹、陳靜汶
專門知識與另類視野 2007-02-28, 信報財經新聞, P39, 副刊專欄, 繁星哲語, 陳載灃
求愛T恤熱賣 年創富8000萬 衫上印號碼 有意可上網傳情 2007-02-28, 香港經濟日報, A16, 國際專題, 謝媛彰、陳國勳

Actualize idea:
Idea 16, November 26, 2006, Harness energy from people using gym bicycle/rowing mill
做Gym救地球 慳電又慳錢 踏跑步機1小時=亮燈2小時 2007-02-28, 香港經濟日報, A10, 新聞特寫, 何美華

An idea a day:
80. Use mobile phone as a ultimate remote control.
There are in the market many kind of all-in-1 remote control which could take over all the controls for your home appliances, eg. TV, DVD, computer, air conditioner, projectors, etc.

If we could have mobile phones which can act as a control, then it should be the most convenient appliances.

People easily lost their remote control, but as cellphone is a proximate gadget, we could find it and use it easily.

This cellphone control may not be only used at home, it could also be used at office/ school, it could act as a powerpoint presentation controller, letting you to do transition of slides back and fore, without touching the computer.

Mobile phone has transmission technology other than infra red, electronic appliances could match with them and update the controlling method, like using bluetooth/ Radio Freq, in this way, the control need not to be facing the receiver directly, and the distance of control could be much longer.

In addition, manufacturer could save $$ on control by not producing them, just let people to use their personal phone for controlling, it could release burden on their marginal margins.


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