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Saturday, June 30, 2007

29/30-6-2007 讀報

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高考放榜無人6A 英文合格率12年新低 2007-06-29 大公報 A34, 教育
顏福偉爆四房爭產親細佬想炒我 2007-06-29 忽然一周 SW088, 娛樂, 名氣街
A special report on Hong Kong Jun 28th 2007, The Economist, Hong Kong
50 Who Matter Now July 2007, Business 2.0, VOL. 8, NO. 6


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

28-6-2007 讀報

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華爾街「殺手」攻略 2007-06-28 香港經濟日報 A52, 行政人員, 管理書, 陳鳳怡
未來十年50大新星:金融 2007-06-28 信報財經新聞 P19, 回歸特輯, 回歸匆十載現在看未來
未來十年50大新星:商界 2007-06-28 信報財經新聞 P17, 回歸特輯, 回歸匆十載現在看未來
搞酒吧蝕廿萬孫耀威讀碩士鋪後路 2007-06-28 壹週刊 B056, 娛樂名人, 探熱針


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

25/27-6-2007 讀報

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I swear I will not buy any books before the book fair!

香港虛擬書櫃 打動全球書蟲 2007-06-27 香港經濟日報 A35, 國是港事, 五分鐘聽一席話, 黃雅麗 本報記者
提款機面世40周年 2007-06-26 文匯報 A23, 國際新聞
創業10年跨越逆境 中小企打不死 2007-06-25 香港經濟日報 A49, 行政人員, 07商戰, 李如虹
女網友拒撫下體 浸大生戲院自瀆 2007-06-27 文匯報 A10, 香港新聞
大胃王小林尊贏比賽賠了下頜 2007-06-26 東方日報 A06, 探射燈


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

24-6-2007 讀報

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我們在思考,然後呢? 2007-06-24 明報 P02,P03, 我們這一代, 健吾


an inspirited article. good job.

well, read between the line, the title is reflecting something. "we only think, without action." we have alot opinions, ideas. so what?

the problem arise from the article is complicated. i guess, even the writer can't not clearly write it down. but good try.

i think, the problem is. when a culture, the honor is lost. people will lack of self-confession, self-inspection. people only think of themselves, what kind of benefit can bring to themselves. people become selfish and only see other false.

i will think about this issue. and re-read the article later.

in American, as i see, they are selfish, but also considerate. how? well, in their point of view, selfish is not a bad thing. this is nature. the first consideration should be one's self, right? so, they will not try to cover their first motivation when move. however, hong kong people, always emphasize on consideration. but in my view, i think they only want OTHERs consider themselves. is some kind of selfish covered by "Consideration". well, no matter you got it or not, when i back to Hong Kong, i will tell you.

think about it : when people going to help you, you don't need to think whether they have other purpose, they already think about themselves before helping you! i guess, Selfish is some kind of easy misunderstanding word.

i think, it is more a cultural problem than a social issue. and it seems to beyond my knowledge and observation.

American are simple. they also prefer short term happy. they prefer to live simpler. i see, in some sense, HK people and them are the same. however, the way to move is different. i would like to say, HK people is not independent, not even close. American, they will make their own way, neglecting others's eyes. they like to try, no, i will say, they are not afraid to try, not afraid to be fail. even old men in here, they like to take a risk.

more over, they focus on their own history, they know where they come from, what they have done. and they value the ancient wisdom and knowledge. today, i walked in the business district. i saw inside a bank, there is a free public historical museum. amazing. and this museum is not "HEA". very serious. in there, i can feel the connection between the bank and the people, the land.

what i want to say is. the link to the past, is a way to make people proud of themselves. to gain honor. by educated ancient or past wisdom, we will have some "common sense of the common sense"( a common sense of what we need to know)

thus, the problem may be originated to the recent history of modern china. in the school, we know how great is the china, 1000 years ago. how about now? how many people in Hong kong, know about Hong Kong History in recent 50 years? no, not even HK people, mainland people don't know their recent history too. i mean, they only know little.

ok, the recent history is empty, or almost empty. how about ancient part? we learn Confucian school, and than, many teachers will tell you, this is outdated. Fuck up. who say human mind has been change for only 2000 years? only in few hundred generations? if our mind did not different from the ancient one, why Confucius can not be applied? and the most important thing confucius told us is the attitude of life. nevertheless, in school, we only learn knowledge, not attitude. knowledge is like gases, and attitude like the car itself. ( i am sorry, i can't not give a proof of this) so think about it. and i almost spend out my point too wide and lost contest.

so, all in all. our historical sense is almost empty, we lacked something to enrich our culture. we learn form outside without a real action. our financal market become the only way to our attitude. (i am not saying it is not good of our financal market, but i think, there is a better way to let the market enrich ourself, it need creation, ok, thing back to creation. and creation will be back to knowledge and attitude. a terrible but easy loop to solve indivially.)

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

22/23-6-2007 讀報

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Macro trading and investment strategies : macroeconomic arbitrage in global markets
Gabriel Burstein. / New York : Wiley, c1999.
The handbook of pairs trading : strategies using equities, options, and futures
Douglas S. Ehrman. / Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., c2006.

逆境自強美國夢 《尋找快樂的故事》 2007-06-23 香港經濟日報 C16, 自搜其樂, 柏格曼
日發明大腦遙控機器 2007-06-23 新報 AA03, 放眼世界
Business.com拍賣 成交價料達31億 2007-06-23 東方日報 B12, 產
電車男力撐888億日圓萌文化 2007-06-23 東方日報 E05, 副刊


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Friday, June 22, 2007


11:46 PM 3 comments

The plot:
I am dining with my dearest u-mates from 7pm-12am, but in the meanwhile, I need to have a tele-conference from 9-10pm with one of my client from US for discussing technical issues on a new product.

The process:
Really enjoy the dinner but...

The climax:
I got fucked up by the CTO, because of being the smallest in the meeting... But I know one fact, I will not get sucked unless I am willing to.

I need to go to work tmr!!!


The going gets tough, the tough gets going!

Take care and all the best. :))
Really thx for your encouragement!

And I wish I could go just as the saying!
If you think you can, you can. ;)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

20/21-6-2007 讀報

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The design of everyday things
Donald A. Norman. / Basic Books, c2002. / 4 days

The Second World War, Volume 1-6
Winston S. Churchill / Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (5 May 2005)
Let's see when could I finish this whole pile!

十四歲初中生索K潮 2007-06-21 壹週刊 A048, 時事, 壹號頭條
金融鐵竇講股客 2007-06-21 壹週刊 A082, 財經, 壹盤生意
本地薑軟件稱王 全球突圍 2007-06-20 香港經濟日報 A36, 國是港事, 五分鐘聽一席話, 黃雅麗 本報記者
Web 2.0  Spreadsheet你今日用未? 2007-06-20 星島日報 I08, iExpress, 電腦J手記
新丁入閣,關係全體AO前途 2007-06-21 信報財經新聞 P15, 中港評論, 民間心戰室, 魯姜


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

17/19-6-2007 讀報

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New and finished:
The Wall Street Journal Complete Money and Investing Guidebook
Dave Kansas / Publisher: Three Rivers Press (December 27, 2005) / 1 day

A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market
John Allen Paulos / Publisher: Basic Books (May 13, 2003)
Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days
Jessica Livingston / Publisher: Apress (January 22, 2007)

棄港取新的啟示 2007-06-19 信報財經新聞 P20, 理財投資, 財經DNA, 陳焱
專家發明竹單車造福非洲 2007-06-19 成報 A10, 國際新聞
終極男優AV三劍俠 2007-06-19 東方日報 F04, 副刊
「性博士」退休 憂後繼無人 2007-06-18 香港經濟日報 A24, 社會要聞, 黃綺琴


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

11/16-6-2007 讀報

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Thanks for you guy's, I am OK now.

As 2 of my dearest collegues are leaving my company, and I am going to take care some of their work, so I may be a little bit busy now.

The total turn-over of my accounts is about USD 25 million, and it should be a good challegne for me.

Hori and Kimmi, I will always miss you guys...really enjoy the day and night chatting and working with you guys.

The design of everyday things
Donald A. Norman. / Basic Books, c2002.
The Number : A Completely Different Way to Think About the Rest of Your Life
Lee Eisenberg / Publisher: Free Press (January 3, 2006)

Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip
Jim Rogers / Publisher: Random House; 1st edition (May 13, 2003) / more than a week

領呔—男人心情顯示器 2007-06-16 信報財經新聞 P20, 理性消費, 鄺一雨
BB夜視監察器 父母捧場 2007-06-16 香港經濟日報 A13, 工貿
金山工業加強成本控制 2007-06-16 信報財經新聞 P12, 理財投資, 國企港股, 思聰
數獨教父推數迴掀解謎熱 規則簡單 原理似踩地雷遊戲 2007-06-15 香港經濟日報 A24, 國際專題, 許懿安、陳國勳
澳發明無形柵欄 防家畜走失 2007-06-15 am730 M18, 世事
高盛冒險轉型 謙虛CEO建功 年賺近三千億 風險管理得宜 2007-06-11 香港經濟日報 A20, 國際專題, 謝媛彰、許懿安
師奶兵團陷香港 2007-06-11 信報財經新聞 P36, 文化, 城市筆記, 林奕華
蔡卓妍專訪 6年30部 30種經歷 2007-06-11 香港經濟日報 C01, 電影, 鄧龍傑、黃慕茵
從黑天鵝,我看到因果 2007-06-16 信報財經新聞 P28, 文化.書評, 麥 稻


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Thursday, June 14, 2007


10:15 PM 4 comments

Really have no time in updating...

Will update on this saturday.


What happens ar?

It's seems you are really exhausted, you seldom dont have any update within a week.
Take your time and take care. :)
Take care ar. I'm also terribly worn out. Hope see your updates soon.
Take good care, be careful of getting sick again.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

10-6-2007 讀報

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創意iPod西裝 售2,300元 2007-06-10 星島日報 A20, 國際
一台78元 印度造廉價電腦 2007-06-10 文匯報 B03, 副刊趣知廊, 念持
新灣仔三聯旗艦的軟陸 2007-06-10 明報 P22, 讀書, 好書店Bookshop We Love, 鄭依依
詹瑞文:演戲貴乎真 2007-06-10 大公報 C03, 娛樂
在韓外國新娘的悲喜劇 — 過埠新娘在韓國的故事 2007-06-10 大公報 B01, 寰球特寫
腐女子的前世今生 2007-06-01 茶杯 126-127, 湯禎兆


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

9-6-2007 讀報

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麻省理工發明無線傳電 2007-06-09 新報 A11, 放眼世界
港大法律生偽造好成績 圖騙校方改分數遭廉署拘控 2007-06-09 蘋果日報 A04, 要聞
從股價走勢窺探人性 2007-06-09 香港經濟日報 B19, 投資, 書中自有黃金屋


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Friday, June 08, 2007

8-6-2007 讀報

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157人搶1職位月薪$12690 大學生爭做殮房服務員 2007-06-08 蘋果日報 A02, 要聞
反斗星傑作避禁酒法例web discovery:酒精粉沖水變酒 2007-06-08 蘋果日報 A34, 網上世界 ←咁白粉水係咪無事呢?


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

6/7-6-2007 讀報

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港小子「山寨網」直追MySpace 2007-06-07 太陽報 A19, 專題
日本熱賣傳統「厚粉」勢淘汰數碼廣播催生「高清化妝品」 2007-06-07 頭條日報 P18, 港聞, 新聞故事
奇思十大發明 妙想震古鑠今 2007-06-06 文匯報 A22, 國際新聞
墊紙廣告創三贏局面Pop Media 服務進駐750 餐廳 2007-06-07 明報 B08, 經濟, 薛偉傑
文化判官潘國森 2007-06-07 壹週刊 A078, 時事, 非常人語
130/30基金左右逢源 2007-06-06 信報財經新聞 P28, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
巨星就是我 2007-06-07 壹週刊 A045, 時事, 坦白講


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

5-6-2007 讀報

8:32 PM 2 comments

Capital ideas : the improbable origins of modern Wall Street
Peter L. Bernstein./ New York : Free Press, c1992. / at least 8 days

Really want to buy new booksss, but I dont have HSBC!

至潮英語反映新世代 2007-06-05 蘋果日報 A30, 國際新聞
港大理學院 報讀人數增2倍 2007-06-05 香港經濟日報 A35, 港聞, 張淑瑜
web一web:Yasaki最受地盤工歡迎 2007-06-05 蘋果日報 A21, newsApple網聞

Idea a day:
98. Develop a total solution of recuiting to SMEs.
For hugh companies, they have many resources to HR, in order to ensure hiring the best and the most suitable.

For example, they could have email / CV scanning software, to screen out all the irrelavance and unqualified automatically, after email screening, online testing of personality and logical decision could be another step of candidate choosing.

The result of all the record and testing could be stored efficiently, in case they could come in handy someday. For example, your company may in deadly short of man-power, and dont want to waste time on cumbersome multi-step processes, you could check record for suitable candidate to choose for.

But what for SMEs, with only limited HR resources, for instance, the HR manager is actually the boss?

Any ads in careertimes could attract hundred of emails and CVs, if there could be any total solution, for which all the screening and recording citeria could be talior-made by yourself, it must be very useful.

The total solution, other than the scanning and screening, it could be act as a kind of recuit planning.

All the canadidate email & CV are stored in that company's server, at one point could reduce workload on SMEs' servers / email accounts, on the other side, could help busy boss to plan for date and time for interviews, with a few clicks, boss could send template email for interview invitations.

During the interviews, busy boss could access the profile of candidates neatly, without any haze. The aptitute result of that candidate could be shown for reference from the testing statistics, to have a further judgement if the candidate could match with the culture of your company.

Of course the platform could be itself a ads platform for recuiting, or in another way, the solution could be a added value to ads platforms, like careertimes or Jijik.

Nearly all the recuitment solutions avaliable in the market is head-hunt-like or consultant-like, for which all the recuitment processes just like outsourced.

In the total solution, the whole control is in the boss. Through the web-interfaces, boss could set all the citeria for screenig CVs, the kind of tests and questions could also be tailor-made, but there could also be field-related templates to choose from. Unlike consulant-like firms, as less man-power is involved, the cost could be lowered, but at the same time, the hiring philosophy would not be distorted or affected by the culture of consulant-like firms.


On solution / platform for SME HR:
How about feedback on interview / previous employer?
Track record and reference is the most difficult to verify and in fact most useful indicator of potential performance of each job seeker.
If there is a way for registered personels to feedback on the SME HR system on the performance of the job seekers' record, then this info should worth buying.
Question is: how to evaluate the job seeker? Then how to keep the evaluations valid?
I was thinking something like '正面誠信記錄' that was shared among registered employers.
Yes, it could be a effective reference checking and it should be one of the killer app of the total solution.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

7-6-2007 讀報

8:53 PM 2 comments

紅酒陳化器10秒變口感品酒師質疑產品功效 2007-06-04 蘋果日報 A14, 消費
美漢奪熱狗王寶座 2007-06-04 東方日報 A32, 國際
美股高企「興奮劑」 私募基金 2007-06-04 投資理財 063, 美國視窗, 鄭學城 駐美國記者
群眾智慧何時會失效? 2007-06-04 明報 B11, 錢眼人生, 經書評財, 陸振球


Tim, where are you now? Today is June 7???
haha... I always get confused about date.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

6-6-2007 讀報

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《溏心》結局8不解之謎 律師斥法庭戲離譜 2007-06-03 蘋果日報 C02, 娛樂要聞
說不完的工農血淚史 2007-06-03 明報 P24, 讀書, 六四前後, 蔡子強
Top 10 AV女優 Top 10 胸相: TOP 1 女優蒼井空擁TOP 1 唔下垂圓波 天生賺男人錢 2007-06-03 蘋果日報 E04, 文化 ←不喜勿入!


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Friday, June 01, 2007

30/2-5/6-2007 讀報

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Making Sense: Philosophy Behind the Headlines
Julian Baggini / Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks (30 Sep 2003) / 5 days

中大畢業生月薪5年新高 平均逾15200元就業率98% 2007-06-01 香港商報 B01, 香港新聞
聽歌新趨勢 USB唱片創先河 方便快捷 網上歌曲下載商機大 2007-05-31 香港經濟日報 A11, 商業, 馮穎欣
解謎王貽興 2007-05-30 FACE 週刊 F096, 娛樂, 面對面
「創投慈善」 社企商業革命 2007-06-02 香港經濟日報 A19, 國是港事, 五分鐘聽講座, 黃雅麗 本報記者
網絡色情陷阱 請君入甕 陪酒女郎專職哄騙 月掠百萬 2007-06-02 香港經濟日報 A19, 中國專題, 陳子凌
車廂故事 2007-06-02 蘋果日報 E12, 名采論壇, 黃金冒險號, 陶傑
韓裔創23億元域名王國 借打錯字.com變.cm 登入廣告網 2007-06-01 香港經濟日報 A23, 國際動態, 吳穎文 ←都幾得意!
經典大學生惡作劇 2007-06-02 明報 D05, 時代, 女人心, 陳惜姿
天鵝肉商天娥 2007-05-31 壹週刊 B062, 娛樂名人, 豪語錄

Idea a day:
97. Another application of bubble index-like index to the stock market - relative strength.
The principle of bubble index is to count the number of articles containing a certain kind of wording. Actually you could compare the number of articles having contrasting words to show the relative strength on both sides.

In practice, you could count articles having wording like "buying", "買入", "追價", etc. On the other side you could search for wording like "selling", "沽", in addition, you could also search for "hold", "楂" etc.

When you compare the number, you will know which side is stronger and reflecting the buying /selling /holding signal from the crowds.

For 2 Jun 07, the relative strength of buy : sell : hold is 100 : 86 : 224.

(This index is not so representive as there could be a wide range of wording to represent actions of buy /sell /hold in the stock market, and I could not exhaust all the possibility, in order to have a total account.)


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