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Sunday, February 24, 2008

24-2-2008 讀報 (Week 8)

9:27 AM 2 comments

Yesterday nite is the annual dinner of my company in Shenzhen, like last time, have many drinks.

Something happened, I need to remember that moment.

My next finished book would be the 200th since 2005...What would it be? Let's see...

New: (11-14th in 2008, 302th since 2005) - I smell blood in my wallet!
Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine Boy: A Novel
Doug Stumpf / Publisher: HarperCollins (July 3, 2007) /
Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports, Second Edition
Howard M. Schilit / Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 2 edition (March 1, 2002)
How to Save the World in Your Spare Time
Elizabeth E May / Publisher: Key Porter Books; 1 edition (April 20 2006)
The Machine That Changed the World : The Story of Lean Production
James P. Womack / Publisher: Harper Perennial; Reprint edition (November 1991)

專訪李開復:從科技精英到Google高管 2008-02-24 亞洲週刊 P50, 資訊科技, 藍慧
矽谷手記:「23與我」基因服務勢成主流 2008-02-24 蘋果日報 B04, 金錢要理, 矽谷手記, 阿股
哪一種公眾人物?誰的公眾利益? 2008-02-24 明報 A16, 港聞, 筆陣, 梁文道
泰國新政府是港產政府 2008-02-24 亞洲週刊 P38, 亞洲焦點, 劉振廷
傳陳思慧婚禮取消 Edison冇啖好食陳見飛心痛落淚 2008-02-24 太陽報 C02, 本地娛樂, 專案組 ←What will you do if you are Candace's fiance?
葬身書山的人 2008-02-24 明報 P17, 世紀人文·關懷·視野, 曙光圖書, 馬國明
喧囂城市裏的孤獨 2008-02-24 蘋果日報 E06, 名采論壇, 牛棚讀書記, 梁文道(牛棚書院院長)
想我們在青文的時光 2008-02-24 明報 P15, 時代, 七齣好戲, 塵翎
青文同學會 2008-02-24 明報 P16, 世紀人文·關懷·視野, 明刀明槍, 關仁
One2Free 率先推Xanga Mobile服務 2008-02-24 文匯報 B04, 工商資訊
The Rich Man's Michael Moore --- Why an Heir Continues to Document -- and Anger -- the Wealthy 23 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, W1, WEEKEND JOURNAL, By Robert Frank
One Store's Old Food Is Others' Bread and Butter 22 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, B1, By David Kesmodel
The Heparin Trail: China's Role In Supply Of Drug Is Under Fire 21 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, A1, By Gordon Fairclough and Thomas M. Burton
Wal-Mart - Always low prices Feb 21st 2008, The Economist
Economics - How to get a lover and win at poker (The Logic of Life) Feb 21st 2008, The Economist
Poverty - Yogurt or cucumber? Feb 21st 2008, The Economist


If the affair happens during our relationship, I will ditch her right in that moment.

There should not be any reasonable cause for having such intimate relationship with another man right?
I am just wondering how Juno's feel like, as you know Gil is picking up on this born-rich guy.

It's like a hatch for Gil, if marriage and then devoice happens, she will share at least half of the total assets as maintenance fee.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

17/23-2-2008 讀報 (Week 8)

10:18 AM 0 comments

Finished the business trip and will be back to HK by Sunday. Just cant believe I could still survive after 4am-12am working hours for a week and tons of meetings...

I got some inspiration after this trip, I need some changes.

Finished: (10th in 2008, 199th in total since 2005)
Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching: 32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success
Jeffrey Gitomer / Publisher: FT Press; 1 edition (October 27, 2007) / 2 days

談新地家變 李兆基開腔告誡郭炳湘「應該聽阿媽話」 2008-02-23 蘋果日報 A04, 要聞
郭炳湘紅顏知己坐大新鴻基家變 2008-02-21 壹週刊 A034, 時事, 封面故事
少年羅傑斯 賣花生賺第一塊金 2008-02-23 香港經濟日報 A14, 國際動態, 政經札記, 曾廣標
港建築呆板 業界歎限制多 2008-02-22 香港經濟日報 D03, 地產故事, 個案追蹤, 文偉豐
四大會計行 1.18萬聘畢業生 2008-02-22 香港經濟日報 A06, 要聞, 陳韻文
北京大學生 月薪千五元 2008-02-21 信報財經新聞 P14, 兩岸消息, 中國21, 蔡京
開性商店花臣condom最銷得 2008-02-20 FACE 週刊 TE030, 創業板, 每週熱Blog
3位企業首腦 讚彈MBA 2008-02-19 香港經濟日報 A38, 行政人員, 伍狄奇
憶羅志華 2008-02-23 信報財經新聞 P29, 文化.書評, 陳 雲 ←I always afriad of this...RIP
孤注一擲阿嬌主動求婚箍Juno 2008-02-21 壹週刊 B050, 娛樂名人, 探熱針
沒有勵志歌的時代 2008-02-20 信報財經新聞 P35, 副刊, 面對面, 林思華
解構樓價上升的原因 2008-02-20 信報財經新聞 P29, 經濟.企管, 經濟評論, 鐘維傑


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Sunday, February 17, 2008

17-2-2007 讀報 (Week 8)

11:28 AM 8 comments

From Mao to the mall - Economics focus 16 February 2008, The Economist, ECN, FN


i very like to read your blog, i know your blog from a fd.

my i ask you, how old are u and wht's your work?

btw, err. your posts still not change year, still 2007..
Thanks for your interest.

I am not very good at "dates", girls always told me that.

I graduated last year, firstly work as proprietary trader, now working in the manufacturing field.

How about you?
17-2-2007 讀報 (Week 8)>>> why still 2007...?

anyway, happy to know u! arha, coz i've read your blog a long time, i thought i know wht's yr gal's name. and i got the same english name with her, haha.

oh, u just graduated last yr! but seems u work for and a long time and know lots of things...!

by the way, i am still not yet graduate, but i am already working such a long long time... quite difficult to say here... anyway, now i am a reporter of a magazine. but dont think i am old, still young, haha, 1983. and u?

though i can give u my msn to u. will send to yr email.

Better to send to

I am not in HK at this moment, so I may not be replying you promptly.

You still young?! Probably not, I am one year younger than you. Ha
Tim, you are the best! Picking up?
Could you also add my MSN?

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

13/16-2-2007 讀報 (Week 8)

9:16 AM 0 comments

New: (8/9/10th in 2008, 298th since 2005)
The Wall Street Self-defense Manual: A Consumer's Guide to Intelligent Investing
Henry Blodget / Publisher: AtlasBooks; 1 edition (January 2007)
Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment
Martin Seligman / Publisher: Free Press (January 5, 2004)
Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching: 32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success (Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Books)
Jeffrey Gitomer / Publisher: FT Press; 1 edition (October 27, 2007) / Thanks to Cynthia!

一個人一個故事:英國醫神握手斷症救人一命 2008-02-16 蘋果日報 A22, 國際新聞, 一個人一個故事
「銀行自食其果 拯救屬縱容」 諾獎得主妙談次按風暴 2008-02-16 香港經濟日報 A08, 新聞特寫, 孔雪怡
首個網上廣告交易市場 2008-02-16 信報財經新聞 P27, 理財投資
有創意不怕對手模仿 2008-02-15 信報財經新聞 P38, 副刊, 解碼, 狄高
廠商出走珠三角城市憂慮「空心化」 2008-02-15 信報財經新聞 P09, 兩岸消息
世紀交易與合併套戥 2008-02-15 信報財經新聞 P27, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
生意買賣創新高 餐飲教育首選 2008-02-14 香港經濟日報 A12, 商業
陳澤民父債子償黑白兩道狙擊陳冠希絕路 2008-02-15 忽然一周 SW034, 娛樂, 封面故事
大控訴星級分析員包女‧虐打 2008-02-14 壹週刊 A026, 時事, 封面故事
救市魚佬鄭威濤 2008-02-14 壹週刊 A048, 時事, 非常人語
悠翔的假期 2008-02-13 信報財經新聞 P37, 副刊, 面對面, 健吾
How Fed Rate Cuts Are Helping to Fuel A Hong Kong Boom 13 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, B1, The Property Report, By Jonathan Cheng
In Silicon Valley, Start-Ups Begin Hitting the Brakes 15 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, B1,By Rebecca Buckman

I can't stop laughing on this:

Want more? Indexed


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12-2-2007 讀報 (Week 7)

10:51 AM 0 comments

Fed ratio:
2008 week 6: 539 vs 96 = 5.61

Can Circuit City Survive Boss's Cure? 11 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, B1, By Gary McWilliams
Publisher Tests Selling by the Chapter 11 February 2008, The Wall Street Journal, B7, Media & Marketing, By Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg
「陰謀論者」的廣告 2008-02-12 信報財經新聞 P36, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
日公司首推失戀有薪假期 2008-02-12 明報 A24, 世界
阿嬌稱自己「好傻」但「已經長大」 2008-02-12 都市日報 P01, 要聞, 頭條
「博客」出書網民圓作家夢 2008-02-12 大公報 A08, 港聞, 特寫

Here is the Full Online Access to 500pcs Harper Collins books.

By reading these 24pcs of FREE books, you could instantly skip the fancy diploma and US$150,000 loan for MBA. I have finished 7 of them.

Investment/Wall Street Insider:
Wall Street Meat by Andy Kessler Finished
Running Money by Andy Kessler
The End of Medicine by Andy Kessler
Ugly Americans by Ben Mezrich Finished
Dot.con by John Cassidy
The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
Pop! by Daniel Gross Finished
Stock Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager

Freakonomics Rev Ed by Steven D. Levitt Finished

Built to Last by James C. Collins, Jerrold Mundis
Good to Great by Jim Collins
Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life by Donald J. Trump
Winning by Jack Welch, Suzy Welch

It's Okay to Be the Boss by Bruce Tulgan
Rules For Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki, Michele Moreno Finished
New Ideas from Dead CEOs by Todd G. Buchholz Finished
The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries, Jack Trout
Mavericks at Work by William C. Taylor, Polly G. LaBarre Finished

The Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President by Mark Halperin
Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Finished
The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho

The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden Finished


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Monday, February 11, 2008

9/11-2-2007 讀報 (Week 6)

10:30 AM 0 comments

Finished: (8/9th in 2008, 198th in total since 2005)
A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy
Sara Bongiorni / Publisher: Wiley (June 29, 2007) / 3 days
The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
Timothy Ferriss / Publisher: Crown (April 24, 2007) / 1 week

招聘踴躍 上班9成人「甩底」 天水圍為何有工沒人做? 2008-02-11 香港經濟日報 A10, 新聞特寫, 吳慕兒
中電員工發明工作安全三寶 2008-02-11 明報 A11, 港聞
春節裏 不能說的秘密 讀《潛水鐘與蝴蝶》和《我要安樂死》 2008-02-11 香港經濟日報 C05, 閱讀, 陳子謙 特約作者
周星馳 語境下的周星馳 獨家專訪周星馳 2008-02-11 am730 M12,M13, 特寫
惡棍交易員還是反全球化英雄? 2008-02-10 亞洲週刊 P24, 銀行與金融, 羅惠珍
二百部的士裝高清螢幕 2008-02-11 東方日報 A17, 港聞
銀通三大行ATM接食錢投訴 有職員烏龍 提500元出100 2008-02-11 香港經濟日報 A21, 社會要聞
風水師邊個最準?中環在線:豬年測市檢閱 2008-02-11 蘋果日報 B15, 財經要聞, 中環在線, 李華華
台網乜都有得借 2008-02-10 東方日報 A18, 兩岸


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

10-2-2007 讀報 (Week 6)

12:47 PM 0 comments

Disruption of service - KDDI Sachio Semmoto 9 February 2008, The Economist, ECN, WB
Bollywood rising - India's film industry 9 February 2008, The Economist, ECN, WB


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Friday, February 08, 2008

7/8-2-2007 讀報 (Week 6)

10:05 AM 0 comments

長時間講手機 損害男士精子 2008-02-08 東方日報 A16, 港聞
07生意回顧地產好帶挈 2008-02-07 壹週刊 A074, 財經, 壹盤生意
沒新意的男人 2008-02-07 明報 D07, 時代, 極度大男人, 阿寬
司機秘密投案陳冠希走投無路 2008-02-07 壹週刊 B030, 娛樂名人, 娛頭
男人的偶像 2008-02-07 壹週刊 A020, 時事, 坦白講


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Thursday, February 07, 2008

7-2-2007 讀報 (Week 6)

10:51 AM 0 comments

Finished: (7th in 2008, 196th in total since 2005)
The Truth About Avoiding Scams
Steve Weisman / Publisher: FT Press; 1 edition (January 28, 2008) / 2 days

HE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY; In China, Camry salesman Lin Baojia nets $14 for every car he moves--if the buyer loads up on extras 4 February 2008, BusinessWeek ,What's Next -- Marketing, By David Rocks and Ian Rowley
FORGET THE WISDOM OF CROWDS 4 February 2008, BusinessWeek, Personal Business -- INVESTING, By Christopher Farrell
Take Microsoft's Money, Jerry 4 February 2008, Barron's, By Eric J. Savitz


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

4/6-2-2007 讀報 (Week 6)

10:24 AM 0 comments

I have bought an apartment last Dec for lease, in order to monitor HK market speculation on the Fed rate trend before next FOMC meetings (18 Mar), I will include a weekly ratio on public opinion of Fed rate decrease vs increase published in all printed press in HK.

Fed ratio:
2008 week 1: 912 vs 92 = 9.91
2008 week 2: 1229 vs 120 = 10.24
2008 week 3: 1143 vs 145 = 9.95
2008 week 4: 1844 vs 112 = 16.46 (On 22 Jan unscheduled, fed rate -.75 to 3.50)
2008 week 5: 1839 vs 102 = 18.03 (On 30 Jan, fed rate -.50 to 3.00)

I will sell once the rate trend is turning!

As the apartment is of the low price sector, thus rate flucturation of 30% only affect my monthly settlement of $2-3k.

This investiment is certainly not for the profit, I just want to try the whole process once. Although I welcome if there is any, Hahaha...

教你擺office升職加薪風水陣 2008-02-06 FACE 週刊 TE024, 青雲路, 青雲路
瀟灑煮出我天地 2008-02-06 信報財經新聞 P32, 副刊, 面對面, 林思華
印度第一大財團 Tata 掌舵人 Ratan Tata 2008-02-06 香港經濟日報 A27, 行政人員, 成功學堂, 郭立新
O姐金句笑談併購 2008-02-05 信報財經新聞 P32, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
請勿侮辱人! 2008-02-05 信報財經新聞 P37, 副刊, 面對面, 健吾
湯告魯斯信的教 2008-02-04 信報財經新聞 P35, 副刊, 金維宜
大專生網上創業 兩月生意$780,000 2008-02-03 東方日報 F02, 副刊
14女星「淫相」A小姐後擒照最激 2008-02-06 FACE 週刊 F022, 娛樂, 封面
俄羅斯經濟處十字路口 2008-02-06 信報財經新聞 P30, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
出版界生病了,霍震霆在哪裏? 2008-01-29 明報 A08, 港聞, 筆陣, 馬家輝
法興斬倉股市暴瀉月底減息可能落空 2008-01-28 信報財經新聞 P12, 時事評論, 林行止專欄, 林行止
超越蓋茨的富豪 2008-01-30 香港經濟日報 A30, 企業管理, 企業大國手, 陳淑儀


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Read list!

2:46 PM 2 comments

My company is on CNY holiday starting from yesterday, but I am still in office now.....ha

I oversee company sec. drawing new org chart, I saw I will be promoted. Should I be celebrating for that?

Actually I don't care for the position, type of work, work-load, etc, the main point is there is something valueable that I can learn, and of course, $$.

Finished: (5/6th in 2008, 195th in total since 2005)
山本良一,Think the Earth Project(想想地球小組) / 出版社:野人 / 出版日期:2007年07月05日/ 2 days
The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership
Steve Farber / Publisher: Kaplan Business (April 1, 2004) / 1 day

New: (6/7th in 2008, 295th since 2005)
The Intellectual Devotional: Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class
David S. Kidder (Author), Noah D. Oppenheim (Author) / Publisher: Rodale Books; Rough cut edition (October 3, 2006)
The Truth About Avoiding Scams
Steve Weisman / Publisher: FT Press; 1 edition (January 28, 2008)


預祝你o係新崗位領悟更多, 賺得更多~!

Wish you all the best too!

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

28/3-1/2-2007 讀報 (Week 5)

9:38 AM 0 comments

Finished: (4rd in 2008, 193 in total since 2005)
Pop!: Why Bubbles Are Great For The Economy
Daniel Gross / Publisher: Collins; 1 edition (May 8, 2007)

New: (4/5th in 2008, 293th since 2005)
山本良一,Think the Earth Project(想想地球小組) / 出版社:野人 / 出版日期:2007年07月05日
The End of Poverty: How We Can Make It Happen in Our Lifetime
Jeffrey Sachs / Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (7 April 2005)

教育改革一個不能少 2008-02-03 亞洲週刊 P33, 封面專題
出版是門手工業 2008-02-03 蘋果日報 E08, 名采論壇, 牛棚讀書記, 梁文道(牛棚書院院長)
資本市場「巨熊」考驗中國 2008-02-03 亞洲週刊 P27, 新經濟, 葉檀
微軟出價3500億吞雅虎 2008-02-02 香港經濟日報 A02, 要聞, 天價收購, 吳穎文
草根發明家之父 2008-02-01 讀者文摘 - 中文版 P87, 特稿, Ashok Mahadevan
周星馳未死傳奇之無字頭 2008-01-31 蘋果日報 E10, One fine day


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