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Sunday, March 30, 2008

24/30-3-2008 讀報

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Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

德製自殺機 搶瑞士生意 2008-03-30 文匯報 A11, 國際新聞
大學生被騙澳門豪賭欠16萬 2008-03-30 太陽報 A02, 港聞
印度Tata考驗駕馭力 2008-03-27 東方日報 B20, 產經, 國金Forum
3項鐵人用品專攻中產客月賺12萬 2008-03-26 FACE 週刊 TE016, 創業板, 創業通


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

24/29-3-2008 讀報

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24/29, Tim please remember this week you have gone to the abyss. Hard work never killed anybody, but I figure why take the chance?

超薄屈曲晶片 可植入腦 科技新突破 醫學用途廣 2008-03-29 香港經濟日報 A13, 國際動態, 許懿安
退伍軍人成美國沉重負擔 2008-03-29 文匯報 A18, 文匯論壇, 黃海振
「天水圍與電影 一樣有出路」 電影系生當助理 《圍城》拍出自己 2008-03-29 香港經濟日報 A08, 新聞特寫, 劉德欣
創業板難造就中國微軟 2008-03-28 信報財經新聞 P34, 理財投資, 財經路向透視, 顧 蔚
低技術高風險高回報的性工作 2008-03-28 信報財經新聞 P12, 時事評論, 林行止專欄, 林行止
製造業看好中小企業 2008-03-27 信報財經新聞 P29, 理財投資, 滬深股市, 曾 偉
樓市骨牌效應 三路拖倒經濟 婚宴昔日海鮮宴客今變芝士 衰退侵各行業 2008-03-27 香港經濟日報 A06, 金融專題, 余家輝、雷建威、黃振豪、傅婷婷
競爭力比拼 內地與港差距收窄 2008-03-29 香港經濟日報 A03, 要聞, 居安思危, 林美芬 本報駐北京記者
鹹網新招叫雞E-booking 2008-03-27 壹週刊 A066, 時事, 新聞耳目



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Sunday, March 23, 2008

17/23-3-2008 讀報

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Have a nice chat with Cynthia Leung last night, she is the 1st friend I met through Orangedays!

Old Pros Size Up the Game --- Thorp and Pimco's Gross Open Up on Dangers Of Over-Betting, How to Play the Bond Market 22 March 2008, The Wall Street Journal, A9, By Scott Patterson
政論電視影響千家萬戶 2008-03-23 亞洲週刊 P32, 封面專題, 童清峰
次按催生華爾街4大「新警長」 2008-03-23 文匯報 A17, 國際新聞
玩「新數獨」學業猛進 日補習天王發明推NDS遊戲版 2008-03-23 太陽報 A30, 國際
北韓與多邊性愛悖論 2008-03-23 亞洲週刊 P47, 國際制高點, 沈旭暉
外判風續吹惠及亞洲廠商 2008-03-21 信報財經新聞 P31, 副刊, 解碼, 狄高
擇媳無才是尚長髮為神而留 2008-03-20 信報財經新聞 P10, 時事評論, 林行止專欄, 林行止
香港是小鎮? 2008-03-20 蘋果日報 E13, 名采論壇, GG細語, 左丁山


hi there, love your blog, thanks for sparing so much of your precious time collecting these articles.
one question though, how do you read so fast and how do they benefit your life and work?
Thanks for your appreciation.

Reading is my life and habit, read more will make you read faster. There is no secret.

"how do they benefit your life and work?" That is a good question.

The first thing comes to my mind is that, reading could train myself to be more critical. Million arthurs have million views, reading more could make you differentiate good from bad, or best from better.

But there are disadvantages, you need to find a GF that also enjoy reading or exchange ideas, otherwise, you may bored her to death. You know not all hk girls like intellectual discussion.

Sorry for my long passage, nice to meet you!
so do your GF like to read?
It's depends on wich you are refering to...haha...just kidding.

very true... the young generation in HK is not keep up with the rest of the world, not to mention the introduction "Mother-language" education, which has given the young gen a huge blow to their access to info on hte internet (a lot of the good stuff nowadays on the net are still in English).

keep up the good work my friend!


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Friday, March 21, 2008

17/21-3-2008 讀報

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New: (18/19th in 2008, 308th since 2005)
吕政主编 / 经济管理出版社2007年10月出版
The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
Marc Levinson / Publisher: Princeton University Press (March 20, 2006)

笑問酒倉何處有 劉伶一彈指 廠廈租金升 2008-03-21 星島日報 A17, 每日雜誌
零息難抗通脹 加薪前景添憂 2008-03-20 香港經濟日報 A04, 要聞, 社評
文藝界天才《2001太空漫遊》成經典科幻小說大師克拉克逝世 2008-03-20 星島日報 A31, 國際
胡舒立辣筆 內地最危險女人 辦《財經》不畏強權 揭黑金10年 2008-03-20 香港經濟日報 A14, 新聞特寫, 黃振豪 王亦昆、蕭華(實習記者)
唱片失品味 星巴克自毀形象 2008-03-19 信報財經新聞 P36, 理財投資, 放眼國際
案內人隨筆:程式員之死 2008-03-18 蘋果日報 B21, 財經要聞, 案內人隨筆, 尹思哲
外資廠「搬家」7 月現高峰 2008-03-17 明報 B04, 經濟, 中國專論, 諸建芳
中华人民共和国劳动合同法 2007年6月29日,中华人民共和国主席令,第六十五号,胡锦涛


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Read list!

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I begin to subscribe (Salomon pink) paper version of FT today...HK$25 everyday!

Finished: (16th in 2008, 205th in total since 2005)
The Machine That Changed the World : The Story of Lean Production
James P. Womack / Publisher: Harper Perennial; Reprint edition (November 1991) /12 days


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18-3-2008 讀報

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Wall Street quakes as the parade passes by March 17 2008, FT, Bear Stearns, Ben White and Jeremy Lemer←It seems that I am super smart in quitting investment field, when everyone is rushing in...ha...The real contrarian!
The Week That Shook Wall Street: Inside the Demise of Bear Stearns 18 March 2008, The Wall Street Journal, A1, By Robin Sidel, Greg Ip, Michael M. Phillips and Kate Kelly ←What make reality more exciting than novel? Reality beyond reasoning.

Timeline for crisis


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

10/16-3-2008 讀報 (Week 11)

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專訪:香港中原集團主席施永青 2008-03-16 亞洲週刊 P42, 全球商務, 紀碩鳴、朱顏
貝爾斯登缺資求救聯儲局震散美股 2008-03-15 信報財經新聞 P01, 要聞, 頭條
信羅傑斯眼光 索羅斯開豬場 2008-03-15 香港經濟日報 A13, 國際動態, 政經札記, 曾廣標
亞洲十大食府 2008-03-15 信報財經新聞 P33, 副刊專欄, 此時此刻, 劉健威
最大 vs 最細 EMBA 組合 2008-03-13 香港經濟日報 A46, 行政人員, 吳曉怡
召妓十年 出手闊綽 2008-03-13 香港經濟日報 A23, 國際動態
大學生空缺增3成 起薪萬元 最高月入4萬 工程界職位最多 2008-03-11 香港經濟日報 A04, 要聞, 人力資源, 陳韻文
網絡深喉效應匿名爆料風暴 2008-03-16 亞洲週刊 P32, 封面專題, 李永峰、朱一心
港大宿生 涉上載同窗交歡短片 2008-03-11 香港經濟日報 A33, 教育
勾引可訓練試情價不菲 2008-03-14 信報財經新聞 P12, 時事評論, 林行止專欄, 林行止
機場怪客日誌 2008-03-13 壹週刊 A049, 時事, 時事短打
書癡︰一個瀕危物種的哲學史 2008-03-10 香港經濟日報 C05, 閱讀, 閱讀, 陳子謙 特約作者
「警長」衰孤寒? 2008-03-14 信報財經新聞 P41, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Read list!

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New: (17th in 2008, 306th since 2005)
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Advertising
Luke Sullivan / Publisher: Wiley; 3 edition (February 8, 2008)
My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student
Rebekah Nathan / Publisher: Cornell university press (August 4, 2005)

Finished: (15th in 2008, 204th in total since 2005)
Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite
Paul Arden / Publisher: Portfolio Trade (March 10, 2006)

Actually I have one already, but would like to give Cynthia as gift, hope she love it! Please dont tell her, she do not know yet~ I promised to let her know this secret gift tonight after phone (sex). Ha


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Read list!

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Finished: (14th in 2008, 203th in total since 2005)
Did You Spot the Gorilla?: How to Recognise the Hidden Opportunities in Your Life
Richard Wiseman / Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd; New Ed edition (5 Aug 2004)

見到股民英雄Eliot Spitzer一鋪清袋真係有d感慨‧‧‧


in the google reader, there are 30 subscribers for your site!!!
Yes, you are right, only 30.
Then I'll be the 31th ;)

Interesting choice of articles here, keep it up, I'll tell my friends about this good place too.
Thanks! You shot nice photos too!

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

2/9-3-2008 讀報 (Week 10)

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新加坡經濟轉型刷新夢想 2008-03-09 亞洲週刊 P34, 封面專題, 艾虞
原理千奇百怪 「偉哥索帶」「電椅」上榜英報選十大無聊健身器 2008-03-09 文匯報 A19, 國際新聞
卡斯特羅的絕響與震盪 2008-03-09 亞洲週刊 P41, 新思維, 丁果
CeBIT科技展 2008-03-07 蘋果日報 A28, 國際新聞
蓋茨第二 英雄出少年 2008-03-06 信報財經新聞 P16, 國際專題
老鹹濕與小鹹濕 2008-03-06 信報財經新聞 P40, 副刊, 金維宜
大學生懶鬼真人騷 賴床出錢途 2008-03-07 蘋果日報 A20, 世界萬象
從日本下車的年輕人 2008-03-03 文匯報 C02, 副刊 讀書人, 書評, 健吾


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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Read list!

5:08 PM 1 comments

Finished: (13th in 2008, 202th in total since 2005) ROI For Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability
T. Ralser: Books / Publisher: Wiley (November 9, 2007)

From HKU: Could not buy in HK...
Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky / Publisher: Vintage (October 23, 1989)

White & nerdy:


You are funny man...

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

25/1-2/3-2008 讀報 (Week 9)

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波士頓科技業挑戰矽谷 2008-03-02 蘋果日報 B04, 金錢要理, 矽谷手記, 文宇
見光死與醒目錢 2008-02-28 信報財經新聞 P36, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
畢老傳奇:悶蛋長勝 2008-02-27 信報財經新聞 P36, 理財投資, 時勢微觀, 畢老林
金融災難起於「小缺口」 2008-02-25 明報 B10, 經濟, 財經書評, 陸振球
遠祖選股成績斐然 2008-02-25 信報財經新聞 P12, 時事評論, 林行止專欄, 林行止
摩天大廈的「秋官效應」 2008-02-25 信報財經新聞 P34, 理財投資, 時勢觀微, 畢老林
雞蛋仔何價? 2008-02-28 壹週刊 A026, 時事, 坦白講
科索沃效應恐延燒歐洲 2008-03-02 亞洲週刊 P18, 世界動態, 羅惠珍


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Saturday, March 01, 2008

25/1-2/3-2008 讀報 (Week 9)

10:12 AM 3 comments

When OVERLOAD becomes a norm...cheer up boy!

Can you think of any jobs in the world, at which OVERLOAD is prevented, at the same time provide full of JOY & EXCITMENT? I have a recommendation: BLOW JOB! (Sorry my friends, I insist not to change my salty way of expressions, ha)

New: (15/16th in 2008, 304th since 2005) / Used over HK$1200 this month!
海峽兩岸經濟發展 ─ 挑戰與機遇
出版: 商務印書館 / 出版日期: 2008/01/30
中國女工 ── 新興打工階級的呼喚
潘毅 / mingpao

I have start the 1st charter, but discovered I don't quite understand what the authur want to convey... When buying, I just thought it would be something interesting like My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student, the fact is on the contrary.

Finished: (11/12th in 2008, 201th in total since 2005)
The End of Poverty: How We Can Make It Happen in Our Lifetime
Jeffrey Sachs / Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (7 April 2005) / More than 1 month
How to Save the World in Your Spare Time
Elizabeth E May / Publisher: Key Porter Books; 1 edition (April 20 2006) / 7 days

社會企業家 2008-03-01 讀者文摘 - 中文版 P57, 特稿, 劉麗華
鵝頸橋底心理醫生 驚蟄吉日宜打小人 2008-03-01 信報財經新聞 P27, 理性消費, 陳以圓
從「三師」 到「三商」香港哪一行業最發達? 2008-03-01 文匯報 C02, 副刊采風, 百家廊, 錢樹良
能量飲料毒性知多少? 2008-03-01 讀者文摘 - 中文版 P67, 特稿
新地風波「橋王」幕後操盤 2008-03-01 信報財經新聞 P03, 股市.房產, 特稿
一夜蒸發一間電盈 2008-02-28 蘋果日報 B19, 財經要聞, 案內人隨筆, 尹思哲
五十九歲的覺悟 2008-02-28 壹週刊 A142, 專欄, 事實與偏見, 黎智英
走 光 2008-02-28 信報財經新聞 P46, 文化, 我私故我在, 陳雲
樂團揭平壤面紗「像50年前的蘇聯」 2008-02-27 蘋果日報 A27, 環球焦點
KY大辭典 2008-02-25 信報財經新聞 P48, 另類, 文字力量, 健吾
南非學生騙黑人飲尿掀怒潮 2008-02-29 信報財經新聞 P20, 國際時事


haha, English book is more expansive. try Chinese~ i only spend 500~
i knew that lady professor~ she is quite good. i mean.. in her profession.
for a job that never overload and full of joy and excitement....

Hollywood special effect-or??

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