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Saturday, November 08, 2008

27/9-10/11-2008 讀報 (Week 45)

10:43 AM

99. I have an idea to make $$ in recession:

To create a book with whole bunch of ideas that teach people how to survive and make $$ in recession.

Those ideas may not be pratical, for those wired/funny one, at least it could provide some sort of cheers. Some ideas like below may be more serious & real businesses:

Cash is King 血汗錢藏夾萬 金融恐慌 銷量大升2成 2008-10-28 香港經濟日報 A14, 新聞特寫, 劉德欣
網上賣日本奶粉毒奶事件帶旺生意 2008-11-06 明報 B08, 創富理財.行銷攻略, 薛偉傑

Big picture:
I think it is quite provokating, as average HK people only with limited business/$$ making horizon, and a memory of 10 year of bull market, they only have their revenue stream from either salary, stock or real estate.

Actually bear market could also have opportunties. One of the conventional economic methods in reversing bear trend would be gov investiment/public spending in infrastructure to improve productivity. Companies in this area would be benefit and against a falling knife.

Some of other areas includes:
1. Cheap FMCG/private label market
2. Education, to improve credential or kill time for jobless
3. Medicial, especially psychiatic
4. Electricity, water, communication sector
5. Cheap, may be indoor entaintainment
6. Indulge & kill time leisure, like drinking
7. Maintenence services, people tends not to buy new cars/electricial appliance/bicycle in recession, thus in need of repair

Opportunties are like hidden gems, and this websit/book is a roadmap to uncover them.

Ideas are collected from all sources (see below), with an intention to create a book and sell.

1. Mass colloration/brain storming through internet (see cambrian house)
2. In-house research on news/magazines/blogs etc (like above news)
3. Local interview with booming industries
4. Generate by the author, that is me

The detailed business model could be like and this book. Or Global ideas bank & this book.

Ideas / publishing may not be only confined locally. As the finanical crisis is world wide, the scope could be as that large.

Market Justification:
1. Layoff people need $$, at which the number is growing.
2. Many traditional industry is at brink of falling, like financial, heavy industry etc, people are all finding ways to survive at all cost
3. Economists have concenses that the down turn would be lasting at least until start of 2010. This book could at least sell for that period. Actually many believe this would be an L shape down turn

Haha... I am back to the business plan writting mode... Thanks to Done Deal!!!

Although ideas may not be actualized, I like doing this kind of research & thinking processes, it could keep my mind up and running!

星展炒港250員工 滙豐渣打亦不排除裁員 2008-11-08 蘋果日報 A04, 要聞
大裁員名單流傳京滬白領自危 2008-11-08 信報財經新聞 P28, 理財投資, 投資網聞
濠賭場紛裁員 酒店入住跌15% 擬聖誕新年減價1成 冀吸港澳客 2008-11-08 香港經濟日報 A14, 社會要聞, 吳婉茵
風險投資教父講海嘯十誡 2008-11-04 信報財經新聞 P34, 資訊科技, 盧金泉
年薪1.8億 BBC50高層捱轟 2008-11-03 文匯報 A12, 國際新聞
小室哲哉騙財被捕 隨時坐10年監 2008-11-05 蘋果日報 C02, 娛樂名人
50大發明精采演繹了08年 2008-11-01 蘋果日報 A24, 環球焦點
死因:夾死 2008-10-30 壹週刊 A102-103, 財經, 第壹流, 蔡東豪
看透的人都死了 2008-10-27 信報財經新聞 P36, 另類.商情, 文字力量, 健吾
堅信金融海嘯隱藏無限商機 15歲神童開公司 2008-10-20 蘋果日報 A01, 要聞, 頭條
巨富韋小寶204億搶中時「旺旺」蔡衍明誓做娛樂大亨 2008-11-09 星島日報 Z02, 熱爆封面

Mr. Director asked me yesterday why my sub-ordinates leave so on time every day. This is not a good sign...

Guys please remember to unload your equity at HSI 14000 or higher. Believe cash is king.


hey guy, you are back!

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