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Saturday, January 10, 2009

4/10-1-2009 讀報 (Week 2)

12:24 PM

I am working til 3am everyday in this week, and it would only be part 1. Part 2 start from 4am next Monday.

There are rumours of 4 days work week plan. Will there evolve to 4 hours work week? Looking forward to it.

New: (1/2nd in 2009, 358th since 2005)
Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School
Philip Delves Broughton / Publisher: Penguin Press HC, The (July 31, 2008) / This is the most expensive paper-back that I'd ever bought.
Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity
Michael Lewis / Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co. (November 17, 2008)

Finished: (1st/2nd in 2009, 230th in total since 2005)
Confessions of a venture capitalist : inside the high-stakes world of start-up financing
Ruthann Quindlen. / New York : Warner Books, 2000.
黃雅麗 / 經濟日報出版社

遊艇跑車富豪玩具銷情慘淡 2009-01-10 東方日報 A06, 探射燈
米價今年或再飆升 2009-01-10 信報財經新聞 P10, 國際時事
陸東逆市出書套任總名句潤四叔? 2009-01-08 明報 B04, 財圈動感
男人購買性服務原因 2009-01-10 信報財經新聞 P25, 理財投資, 經濟人談文說藝, 何炘基
百萬人失業 泰國消費勁減22億 2009-01-09 文匯報 C02, 副刊趣知廊
盜版光碟也搞附加值 2009-01-04 亞洲週刊 P35, 封面專題, 葉堅耀 ←this is funny!

2009-01-06 信報財經新聞 P13, 理財投資, 投資者日記, 畢老林:
順帶一提,投資版為加強內容,已獨家購得克魯明在《紐約時報》專欄的刊載權,逢周二及周六刊出(本周因「技術問題」,第一篇刊於周一),有興趣了解這位出爐經濟學諾獎得主如何看奧巴馬的經濟政策,讀者萬勿錯過。除此之外,《金融時報》短小精悍的Lex Column也由本報獨家轉譯其文章,逢周一至周五刊出。

It would be a big wow for me... but could HKEJ do a good translation?

Funny 1:

Funny 2: Chinese way:

A passenger boards a train through a window at a railway station in Changzhi, Shanxi province January 8, 2009.


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