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Saturday, December 05, 2009

29/5-11/12-2009 讀報 (Wk 49)

9:34 AM

I have completed more than 52 books this year! But still less than my record of 80 per year.

Finished: (51/52/53/54/55th in 2009, 281th in total since 2005)
Rules of Thumb: A Life Manual
Tom Parker (Author) / Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; illustrated edition edition (October 1, 2008)
China Safari: On the Trail of Beijing's Expansion in Africa
Serge Michel(Author), Michel Beuret (Author), Paolo Woods (Photographer) / Publisher: Nation Books; 1 edition (June 29, 2009)
Name Dropping: Darwinian Struggles, Oedipal Feelings, and Kafkaesque Ordeals---An A to Z Guide to the Use of Names in Everyday Language
Philip Gooden / Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (February 19, 2008)
How To Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own
Barry Farber / Publisher: Citadel (April 1, 2001)
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast
A. G. Hawke / Publisher: Paladin Press (September 1, 2000)

Sparkcharts is a quick and easy reference to French, German, Spanish, Italian & Latin.

2009 Hero of the Year is worth reading.

學好普通話 中資紅才「過得硬」 2009-12-04 Recruit A006-007, 紅才策略
色情網站驚見國民黨廣告 2009-12-05 文匯報 A08, 台灣縣市長選舉
港大圖書館73歲翁傷人 2009-12-03 蘋果日報 A14, 港聞
貨幣改革招民怨 北韓豪賭誰埋單 2009-12-04 東方日報 A36, 國際, 世界視線

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