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Monday, February 01, 2010

Week 6 in FT

10:21 PM

How Guantánamo could rescue Iceland
By David Hale / Published: January 31 2010 20:00

McDonald’s has closed its three restaurants on the Iceland because of the high cost of importing food supplies.

Korea pension fund widens its horizons
By Christian Oliver in Seoul / Published: February 1 2010 22:15

Although the NPS is already the world’s fifth- biggest pension fund, only $24bn of its $240bn portfolio is invested abroad.

Amazon bows to Macmillan over e-books
By Tim Bradshaw in London, David Gelles in San Francisco and Kenneth Li in New York / Published: February 1 2010 13:28

Instead, Macmillan will start selling e-books using the “agency model”, which is already used by most bookstores and is now backed by Apple with its iPad device. In this model, the publisher sets the price and keeps 70 per cent of the revenue, while the retailer keeps 30 per cent.


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