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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


10:03 PM

好想去誠品... 可唔可以台灣訂書香港攞貨呢?


you mean, you pick books in taiwan eslite and ask them to ship to HK? i think you can. just money.

by the way, i think you already know, you can shop online. but e-shopping, it is not necessary to be eslite.
Just a suggestion for cost reduction, I guess their HK$ price would just to the same as ordering & delivering to HK. No free lunch.
you can check ar, most translated book has price in TWD. if they print books in mainland, it may be as same as taiwan price. but i am not sure. is the hk eslite opened yet??
10 Aug open, will check out and get back to you!
by the way, i found 3 books you may interested. ISBN:978-957-32-6416-3. it may bring you back some memories. :D
Thx... it is so distant for me now... I have pass them all back to professors.

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